• Reinventing Backyard Climbing

      • Born to Climb?

        The coolest thing to hit the American back yard in a long time! Be the first on your block—actually, among the first in the USA—to climb trees the “Monkey” way! Already a hit in Europe, we’re bringing it to America. 

        The back yard, camp, neighborhood forest, local park—almost any suitable tree can become a climbing adventure the “Monkey” way using Monkey’s unique climbing hardware. Easily strapped on any tree in as little as 10 minutes—and removed just as easily with no harm to the tree.

        Different challenge levels available for kids, teens and adults.—From kindergarten age to advanced rock climbers, there’s a Monkey kit for everyone! (If you can climb a ladder you can “climb Monkey!”)

        Choose from four ready-to-go kits that include everything you need to get climbing at the level you choose. From just a few feet high for children, to 35 feet for more advanced adult climbers.
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